Why You Should Go For A Belt Scale Otherwise Known As Belt Weigher?

There are various aspects: one should consider before the selection of the best quality belt weighers. However, before that a little bit information regarding belt weigher is necessary. In general terms, a belt weigher can be known by different names in different industrial fields, like- belt scale, in-motion weigher, conveyor scale and dynamic scale.

The modern-day system consisting of belt weighing mechanism mainly comprises a frame, belt seed sensor along with integrator and load cells.


Use of Belt Scales
• Great quality services related to process automation is the main motive behind the utilization of belt weighers.

• The most advanced weighing systems are popular because of the ultramodern electro-mechanical belt, and these systems are preferred in the coal industry, iron ore industry and minerals industry.

• Different varieties of belt scales are available in the market and by the combined use of these belt scales precision with absolute repeatability can be achieved.

What Is So Special About These Belts?

• The free-floating design of the weigh frame that is of entirely suspended nature makes these belt weighers more functional on a practical field.


• The simple designed different categories of belt scale are available in the market with affordable pricing.

• On the other hand, when bulk materials are handled, more accuracy with effectiveness and efficiency are required and for this, the belt weighers come with the most imperative components mentioned above.


• The accuracy of calculating the total tonnes of bulk materials is quite easy with these belts and when the calculation is by a particular period, and then it is surely a positive point of effectiveness.

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