Nowadays, the industrial areas seem more concerned towards the coal qualities. For this, the personnel have to keep an eye on the parameters identifying the quality of a particular type of coal. These parameters are- energy value, sulphur content, ash and moisture. Here, the significance of a coal ash analyser can be comprehended appropriately.


Utilizing the Coal Ash Analysers

• It is the era of online ash analysers and the wide use of this equipment is solely based on the measurement of total ash content exist in coal present on the conveyer belt.


• The new non-nucleonic analysers comprise a very large scintillation detector which measures the ash contents with the use of coal beds.

• The analysis is completely based on the natural gamma technology and according to this; the measurement of more than 350mm bed depths can be perfectly done.


• The coal ash analysers available in the current market are very easy to install, and these analysers are highly practical which is better suited for the service. The technology also focuses on the uncomplicated calibrating procedure.

The advantages of using a coal ash analyser

This analyser doesn’t need the source which has to be radioactive at all terms. Calculation of the ash content here is done by change measurement determined from the natural background coal radiation. The modern analysers are also available with the maximum coal recovery feature in the present market. These analysers present information regarding the coal content in every minute while bulk materials are being transported on the belt scales in a coal mining plant or a power plant.



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